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Long ago in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, lived a Loathly Lobsta. A loner, he had split from the pack in his teenage years. Born with an artist eye, he was different and had a longing for life on the land. This creation found life on the ocean floor. Redundant fate put his life on the path to success. While looking for scrapes to eat, he was exposed to a toxic project of the military. The exposure had caused him to split tale and grow lungs. With his new-found freedom, he took his first steps on land and made a “B” line for Texas. Searching for the meaning, he befriended a body modification master. A monk who spent his time meditating and brewing elixirs. He took Lobsta under his wing and taught him the way of the tattoo. After years of rigorous training, the Lobsta became a tattoo samurai. Skillfully carrying his charm into the skin of the willing. Lobsta currently found his home here at Daddy Jack's. With his 18 years of experience, attention to detail, and Passion for named dirt bag tattooing he has become a key figure in the D.J’s family.