5970 Park Vista Cir. #172, Fort Worth, Tx 817-337-8184


Hello there! My name is Ashley "Bubbles" McBride. I started my apprenticeship in 2004 under Gerald Theiler at Yellow Rose Tattoo in Huntsville Texas. My work is my passion and it's all I think about. I was always drawing as a kid in school, and I had the opportunity to go to college on a scholarship for art. Every day is a new learning experience and every client is different. My favorite style of tattooing is Japanese, the representation of the characters in the artwork, the history, and the color palette is beautiful. I would like to travel to Japan one day; it's on the list! I had some artists help me get where I am today, Jody Donaho from Huntsville at "FN" Classy Tattoo and Lobo McLoy from Ft Worth. I am working at Daddy Jack's Body Art Studio in Keller TX now with Daddy Jack and the crew. A few goals of mine are to open my own tattoo shop in Central/South America and travel the world. I was born to live on the beach! Come see me!